Each month, the Chronicle brings news from St. Mary's and Holy Trinity churches, plus local clubs and from the Parish Council. By the nature of the magazine, plenty of space is devoted to news and reports on village life.

The Chronicle is available for sale in Hartfield Stores for 40p, from the beginning of each month. An annual subscription of £4.50, which, as well as saving you money, means that your copy will be delivered through your door. Call Mr. I Burns on 01342 850150 for details.


All clubs and societies are encouraged to submit items to the Chronicle. Copy dates are generally 10-14 days before publication, which is the first of the month. Copy can be posted to Mr. David Graham, Four Oaks, 5 Rectory Fields, Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4JE or by e-mail to chronicle@hartfieldonline.org.


The Chronicle Editor is David Graham, who can be contacted at the above e-mail address or by calling 01892 770487.


The Chronicle is financed in part by advertising. Call Mr. I Burns on 01342 850150 for details.