At our last meeting we thoroughly enjoyed Dave Brooker’s audio-visual presentation, not on the anticipated antipodean theme but transporting us to various locations from Dubai and Newhaven sunsets to local Kentish gardens: Scotney Castle, Hever Castle, Sissinghurst, Hole Park – to name but a few.

On Tuesday, October 15th, several of us visited the National Cats Protection site at Chelwood Gate, where we were given a warm welcome and guided tour, after an interesting talk, of the areas where the public are not usually allowed, such as maternity and special care. Then we enjoyed a light lunch in their lovely café.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 26th, when members will share Christmas memories and we look forward to Kathy and Gill telling us of their experiences at the inspiring “New Wine” camp this summer, all rounded off by our festive tea.

Happy Christmas one and all!

Julie O’Flanagan & Elizabeth Eggleton