Heart for the Community Project – Audio-Visual

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Audio-Visual Installation


It is a basic requirement in a church that people can hear what is being said and sung.  In addition, there are many very useful resources for use in churches that require audio visual systems.  Therefore it is proposed to install an audio-visual system to improve access to services and to facilitate the use of different media in the church.  The system needs to be flexible so that it can be used with the seating either east facing or south facing.



Four new speakers located in the nave would replace the current speakers, and would be controlled by a simple to use control panel which can be set up to take account of the audio-characteristics of the building and the different ways it is used.  An aerial system will allow radio microphones to be used in all areas of the church and will be out of sight in a control cupboard.  The control cupboard will be part of the proposed run of cupboards along the north wall of the nave.  A hearing loop system will also be installed.  The system will be designed to be adaptable so that future requirements can be satisfied without the system being replaced.

Fixed screens and projectors are proposed to be used with seating that faces either east or south.  These will be at high level and will not be readily seen by people when not in use.  The east facing screen will be in the chancel and will have a winch system so that it is hidden behind a roof beam when not in use.  The east facing projector will be situated on a beam in the nave.   The south facing screen will be in a similar position to the current temporary screen but will be able to be raised so that it does not cut across the arch when not in use.  The south facing projector will be located at roof plate height.  The control panel and computer input point will be in the control cupboard with the audio control system.


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