Heart for the Community Project – Children’s Area and Relocation of the Font

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Children’s Area and Relocation of the Font

Children’s Area


Our work with children and families is growing and we wish to reflect this within the church building by creating an area dedicated to them.  It is designed to be an area that is more intimate than the rest of the nave, that has softer furnishings and display areas for our children and youth related activities.  As well as demonstrating our commitment to ministry to these members of our congregation, the area will also have practical benefits by providing a more welcoming location for the very young children and their carers during a service while the softer furnishing will reduce noise levels.   The area could also be used by “Teddy Tots”, our mid-week group that provides an opportunity for carers, infants and babies to meet together and for a quiet area for “Messy Mondays”, the occasional activity mornings for children that take place during school holidays.



There will be fixed seating on the east, north and south sides with cupboards underneath and notice boards above.  The top of the seating will be 0.75 metres above floor level.  The notice boards will be 0.85 metres high and the top will be 1.6 metres above floor level and will be aligned with the windowsill.  The seating and notice boards will run from the pillar to the north of the door into the church towards the door.  At1.1 metres from the South Door it will then run west to the south wall of the church, approximately in line with the south edge of the West Window.  Then the seating and notice boards will run north to the half pillar at the base of the tower.  There will be a door between the end of the screen and the south wall of the church that will be hidden when the South Door is open.


The timber work will be constructed of European Oak.  The notice boards will be covered in hessian and the seating will be cushioned using upholstery standard material. There will be a rug on the floor.


Relocation of the Font

The font, which is presently situated in this area, will be relocated 2.5 metres to the north, into the main nave.  This will mean it is positioned in a more prominent position within the church, reflecting the importance of baptism as the initiation into the Christian family.  It will also enable more people to gather around the font when a baptism takes place.


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