Heart for the Community Project – Heating

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The church should be a welcoming place and therefore it should be heated appropriately.  Currently the church’s gas boiler is about 30 years old, is inefficient, dramatically oversized for the current heating load and if fitted now would not satisfy current safety standards.  The boiler is currently located in a basement boiler room that is difficult to access and has an expansion tank that has to be filled by hand using a watering can.  In addition, the damp conditions in the basement could pose a threat to the printed circuit boards and electronics of a modern high efficiency boiler.  The boiler is of an age where replacement parts can be difficult to obtain.



It is proposed to fit a high efficiency gas condensing boiler that would be located on the south wall of the tower with access from the new mezzanine floor.  The flue would pass into the ring chamber and then discharge through the east wall of the tower above the nave roof.  The boiler will have an autofill unit, which is now mandatory on a boiler installation in a church.

Seven additional radiators will be installed around the walls of the church and some existing radiators will be located as necessary to accommodate other aspects of the project.  A modern control system will be installed allowing 24 hour and seven day multiple time and temperature changes to be set, and which can be overridden.  The unit is designed to allow the setting of a permanent minimum background temperature and automatic rise to occupancy temperatures as programmed.


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