Heart for the Community Project – Refreshment Preparation Area

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Kitchen Area and Storage on North Wall of Nave


Jesus shared hospitality with many different kinds of people from His closest followers, to the thousands that came to hear him preach, to the most despised in society.  It is one of the most common events in the Gospels.  It is something that as a Christian community we aim to emulate.  At the moment there are no facilities within the building for us to share hospitality.  Everything has to be brought in and then taken away afterwards: for example, at the moment we have to bring in water from outside, there is no sink nor any way of heating food.  Therefore we wish to provide basic facilities so that it will be much easier for us to offer hospitality on various occasions.

The church has over 100 hand embroidered hassocks and there needs to be somewhere for these to be stored, ideally somewhere that they can displayed.



It is proposed to provide basic kitchen facilities in the north-west corner of the nave.  These will be concealed in units constructed out of European Oak so that the sink and work top area will not be visible when not in use.  The run of two double units will have a total length of 2.35 metres and start against the west wall of the nave.  The units will be 0.7 metres deep and 1.275 metres high. The work top level will be 0.9 metres high and there will be a lid over the sink and work area that can be folded up to provide access to the sink and work surface when the kitchen is in use. The two double units will come to approximately the middle of the west most widow in the north wall of the church.   The first double unit will house a kitchen sink with a short cycle dishwasher underneath and boiling water tap to provide immediate access to boiling water.  The second unit will contain a cupboard and a built-in electric oven.


The work top will continue for a further 1.7 metres with a servery trolley on casters underneath measuring 1.63 metres long, 0.6 metres deep and 0.84 metres high.  It will have three cupboards in it for storage of crockery.  The servery unit will be able to be wheeled around the church to where it is required.


Storage on North Wall of Nave

The north wall of the nave is stepped approximately half way between the eastern most nave window and the pulpit.  It is intended that the space between the kitchen area and the step in the nave wall be filled with storage cupboards, the majority of which will have a glass front.  The 10 glass fronted units will have three fixed shelves to be used to store the hassocks.  The cupboards will be constructed of European oak and will have a work surface above.  The run of cupboards will be 0.9 metres high and 0.42 metres deep.  The cupboards will be 0.73 metres high and 0.32 metres deep.  There will be a cavity behind the cupboards through which the heating system pipes will run and there will be a grille in the work surface so as to allow air to circulate between the cupboard backs and the wall of the church to minimise any problems with damp as there is no damp proof course in the wall of the church.  As well as the glass fronted cupboards there will be a double cupboard next to the servery that will have wooden doors.


Under both of the windows in this area will be a new radiator to improve heating in the church.  There will be brass perforated mesh in front of the radiators and inserted into the work top surface.


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