Heart for the Community Project – South Entrance

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South Entrance



 It is important that the main entrance to the church provides an appropriate welcome and part of the purpose of the re-ordering is to create a much more harmonious feel to the interior of the church.  At the moment the church appears cluttered and lacks design coherence, with a wide range of furniture and other items visible when you enter.   In addition, very few of these items have been designed for their current use.

A storage area needs to be created that will be inconspicuous.  The church is short of storage space, particularly for larger items.  The need for new storage space will become even more pressing when the ground floor of the tower is remodelled.  Improved storage facilities will also enable the area in front of the Tower Screen to no longer be used for storage.  This will again improve the visual impression when entering the church.



Currently the entrance area to the church has a number of different items of furniture which are used for the storage of service books, hassocks and various displays and there are no permanent notice boards.


It is intended that a storage area, 1.1 metres by 0.45 metres, will be created next to the South Door running along the south wall of the nave to the west wall of the nave.  The north side of this storage area will be the back of the Children’s Area.  This storage area will be used for larger items such as the trolleys for chairs, either with or without the chairs on them.


Running north south from the door to the storage area will be cupboards for books used during services, with a shelf top for display materials and notice boards above.  Each cupboard will have two adjustable shelves and will replace the various items of furniture currently used.  The cupboards and notice boards will be an integral part of the new structure that will form the Children’s Area and be of the same design style and will therefore be constructed of European Oak.  This will be the same style used for the Refreshment Unit and the storage cupboards on the north wall, opposite to the south entrance.


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