Heart for the Community Project – Tower First Floor

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Tower First Floor


The church does not have a meeting room suitable for a small number of people and this can be provided by creating a room at first floor level within the tower space.



A new mezzanine floor will be inserted into the tower at the level of the window sill of the West Window. This level was chosen so that neither the line of the West Door nor of the West Window would be cut.  However the line of the south tower window will be cut and the floor will be just above the break in the tower screen although it will be in line with the base of the arch in the tower.  The level of the West Window was chosen as the West Door and Window are the key architectural features in the tower.

The new room will be 4.5 metres by 3.25 metres with a balustraded stairwell 3.0 metres by 0.7 metres on the north side.  All the windows and the glass screen to the nave will have double glazing fitted to provide thermal and sound insulation as well as to protect the existing glass in the windows and screen.   The room is open to the floor of the ring chamber.  In the centre of the new floor is a hatch to allow, if necessary, the bells to be lowered to the ground floor.

In the south-east corner of the new room will be a cupboard that will contain the new boiler for the church heating system.  The boiler flue will run up to the ringing chamber and be vented through the east wall of the tower.


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