Heart for the Community Project – Tower Groundfloor

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Tower Ground Floor


As the largest public building in Hartfield the church should have a toilet.  In addition, the ground floor of the tower is an important entrance to the church and is also the most wheel-chair accessible.  Yet it is currently used primarily for storage.  Furthermore, the church does not have a meeting room and while it is proposed to create one at first floor level within the tower, a new staircase will be needed from the ground floor.  Around these two structural features the remaining space will be used to create a vestibule and a wind lobby immediately inside the West Door and cupboard space.



In the south–east corner of the tower a toilet will be installed.  This space will be a few centimetres short of the standard specification for a disabled toilet but will be of the maximum size that the space allows and will have all the facilities required by the standards for disabled toilets.  The space will have European Oak panelling and sound reduction material in the walls.  The entrance door will be west facing.  Some natural light will reach this area from a light well at the bottom of the south window in the tower.


On the opposite side of the tower to the toilet, a new staircase will be inserted to provide access to the first floor.  It will rise up the north wall of the tower from just to the west of the door to the ringing chamber staircase.  A vestibule 3.75 metres long and the width of the Tower Screen doors will be created between the toilet and the staircase running from the Tower Screen to the West Door.  The vestibule will widen approximately half way along its length to provide access to the toilet.  There will be a glass wall on the south-side of the staircase to allow natural light from the north window of the tower to reach the vestibule area.  While an attempt will be made to reuse the clay tiles from the floor of the tower, it is anticipated that the vestibule floor will need to be carpeted.


A wind lobby will have glass internal doors immediately inside the West Door which will be slightly wider than the width of the West Door.  The wind lobby will be 1.25 metres deep.


Either side of the wind lobby and under the stairs, cupboards will be built to provide storage, in particular for equipment used for decorating the church with flowers and the main building utilities such as the switch board and the fire alarm control panel.  The doors to the cupboard space will be of European Oak.


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