Letter from Our Rector

Dear Church Family,
Another week has gone by and the weather has been amazing. Trevor and I hope you are all keeping well and finding ways to enjoy the garden or the green spaces around us.

This week we have been told, as of Monday 1st June, we can now meet up with members of the family or friends from another household. Although we have to keep ourselves 2 metres apart, it will be a joy to spend time with them. We are very much looking forward to Monday when we are able to see our family for a while in our garden.
This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Our reading will be Acts 2: 1-21. It begins with these words ‘they were all together in one place.’

Those words struck home for me this week as this is precisely what we are currently unable to do but long to be able to do again. I know that plans are being worked on for us to come back into church but there is no time scale.

 But not just church, our families and friends, all of us long to meet together to share our lives and news.In our reading, the disciples were waiting. Waiting and praying. Just as we are at the moment. Up until that moment, church was defined by a locked room, keeping safely together and then suddenly when the Holy Spirit came, a new way of being church exploded. The church grew and the Good news of Jesus spread far and wide.

Church as we know it, is currently spread far and wide. Prayer is happening across the parishes and nation. Pastoral care and kindness is being shown more fully. God sends his Spirit upon us His church, His people to help us pray, to give us courage to share our faith and to stand strong even in these difficult times.

If you would like me to visit you in the coming weeks or need to talk and pray, please do call me on 01892 770 436, I would love to see you or speak with you. Please pray for all who are in need of our prayers this week. This week we have recorded two services.       www.hartfieldchurch.org & colemanshatchchurch.org

The first is a service of MATINS. Filmed from Holy Trinity Church with Trevor reading the lessons. This will be available on the website from 8am Sunday morning. Like all our recent services, these continue to be available on the website for you to watch again or later on in the week.

Our second service this week is an All Age service of Worship for Pentecost. This will be available on Sunday morning at 10am.  We hope you will join with us to worship together.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our All Age Worship. Oliver and William Carroll, Tia Barham; Edward, Oscar and Harriet Fulham.There are a few photos at the end of the All Age service. Do send them in, so we can include you as we worship together.I am attaching a booklet for Matins just in case you don’t have a prayer book at home.Also a booklet for Compline evening prayer.  Take care and keep safe. With our love and prayers Trevor and Julie

https://youtu.be/7oXUN8g1vZY  You tube link for Matins if required
https://youtu.be/EOY4wZEyK_4   You tube link for All Age service if required.