Weekly Challenge

24th May 2020

This week is Ascension week; here is a craft you can make to put up in your window to remind you of the promise that Jesus will come back down to earth.

  1. Using the templates below (or freehand) cut out (about 8cm):
     3 stars, each on different coloured pieces of card
     2 clouds on blue card
     An outline of Jesus on white card
  2. Write on the stars and clouds one word each:
  3. Decorate the shapes with colours, pictures (etc.)
  4. Punch a hole through the top of all 7 pieces
  5. Then using some string/ ribbon (or equivalent) attach the ornament’s one at a time, tying a knot around each shape to keep it in place.
    Put this up in your home to remind you of the promise.
    Remember to take a photo of your masterpiece!
    If you would like to have your photo uploaded onto our website, please send your photo to:
    Please give your permission for it to be uploaded onto the website and social media in the content of your email.
    We will do our best to upload them onto the website.

Some of our photos from the Weekly Challenges