Weekly Challenge

Mark 2:23-28

Sabbath: Rest and Wellbeing

This week we challenge you too

Create a family Sunday jar.

We could think about all the things we can’t do on a Sunday (Sabbath), but what about all the things we can do!

Use an old food jar or can (wash out of course!). Decorate the jar however you like.

Using lollypop sticks if you have them (you can easily use strips of card if not).

On each stick/strip write one idea of something you could do on a Sunday together as a family or even on your own to take time with God.

Sing each of your favourite worship song/ hymn

Act out a Bible story

Once created you will have lots of ideas of things to do together to rest and take time with God every week.

Do some ‘Haribo prayers’ (you can Google instructions)

Light some candles andpray for each other

Remember to take a photo of your creation!

If you would like to have your photo uploaded onto our website, please send your photo to:cjpayne@hotmail.com   

Please give your permission for it to be uploaded onto the website and social media in the content of your email.

We will do our best to upload them onto the website.

Some of our photos from the Weekly Challenges