Horticultural and Dog Show 5th September 2020

This year’s Hartfield Village Fete will be opened by Ronnie Le Drew, who is the puppeteer who made Zippy (from Rainbow) famous. He also worked with the muppets, on the Labyrinth with David Bowie, Sweep and numerous well known other productions plus instrumental in helping with and appearing in numerous productions for the Little Angel (puppet) Theatre in Islington. A message from Ronnie: “Ronnie Le Drew and Zippy are looking forward to opening Hartfield Village Fete this year. And if you have a copy of my recently published book “Zippy and Me” I will be happy to sign your copy.” More volunteers are needed to enable this wonderful event to continue. Anyone who can help should contact the Secretary, Pauline Burnett-Dick, pjburnettdick@yahoo.co.uk